LeBlanc Pediatrics

LeBlanc Pediatrics is unique, it was built on the idea of providing a quality patient experience. Upon entering our clinic, you will notice our open concept, our front desk without a glass partition. We offer two completely separate waiting rooms for well and sick children which lead to separate well and sick wings of the clinic. This exclusive design increases infection control and decreases the risk of illness when coming in for routine well visits.

Since our clinic is completely electronic, all of your children's medical information is quickly available to our staff as you check-in. Our medical assistants efficiently enter all pertinent data in preparation for your visit, which your provider can immediately can access for your appointment. Upon completion of your visit, you have the ability to schedule all follow-up at the front desk before leaving and head straight to the pharmacy as your prescriptions will be waiting for you.

Our Mission

LeBlanc Pediatrics was established in 2011 with the idea of combining the technological expertise of a hospital clinic with the responsiveness and personal touch only seen with a private clinic. Our clinic is built with people who understand we are serving you and are here to listen. With this culture, LeBlanc Pediatrics will deliver quality, compassion and access to this region.